Playstation controller hack with Arduino MINI and nRF24L01

This time we see a Playstation controller hack to use it wirelessly in our projects. In this article we use an Arduino MINI board wired with the Playstation’s controller circuit, an nRF24L01+ module and a small LiPo cell with an USB charger circuit based on Microchip’s MCP73831 ic.


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Reuse laptop battery LiPo cell

When a laptop battery dies, often not all the elements that compose it are to be thrown away. The power management circuit or only few LiPo batteries can be broken. Commonly, a 18650 battery is quite expensive but is really simple to give those batteries a new life and enjoy not pollute the planet.

In this article I describe how to connect a positive and a negative wire to 18650 batteries without the need to buy a dedicated holder.


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