Playstation controller hack with Arduino MINI and nRF24L01

This time we see a Playstation controller hack to use it wirelessly in our projects. In this article we use an Arduino MINI board wired with the Playstation’s controller circuit, an nRF24L01+ module and a small LiPo cell with an USB charger circuit based on Microchip’s MCP73831 ic.


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“It’s hard to be a bright light in a dim world.” 
 – Gary Starta

A common 5mm LED isn’t the best in every situation, often a bit more power is required. That’s why I’ve connected a 3W power RGB LED to an STM32F0-Discovery board.



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GPS and temperature logger – PART I

With some free time (and an unused GPS module) I decided to realize a GPS and temperature logger. It can be used for example to check if a good was moved through the right path and within a given temperature range.


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