Super-fast NTFS driver for Linux

Using NTFS drives with a Linux distribution can be a painful experience due the lack of optimized drivers. Starting from first linux releases, a lot a bugs in the ntfs driver were present that caused a lot of problems as reported everywhere on the internet.

Today I’ve found a really powerful (and highly optimized) driver that solved my issues, thanks to Paragon Software Group.

This great software house distributes a FREE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY driver that works flawless on Ubuntu (as well as other distro) and solved all my problems (from exceptional high cpu usage to very poor transfer rate).

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NFS Server on Ubuntu 13.04

Configuring an NFS server on Ubuntu 13.04 should be a simple task, but I’ve not found any short and direct guide. So, why not write one by myself?

  • From terminal do the following commands

  • Now in gedit, insert one row for folder you want to share, the synthax is simple, let’s see an example:

“/home” is the directory to share

“” are the permitted network address to access the directory, “*” will grant permission to every host

“rw” stands for “read and write”, you can also use “ro” for “read only”

This configuration doesn’t implement any security technique, so isn’t recommended unless your are working on your local LAN (such as is my case)